Information on the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) 2018 round is now available on the ACCEA website. We want to draw your attention to this and ensure you have the information required as the deadlines are very tight.

All applications must be with the ACCEA by Thursday 12 April 2018. The responsibility for the online submission of the application to ACCEA rests firmly with the applicant. For more information on how to apply, visit the ACCEA website. If you would like to be considered for BAHNO, email your completed ACCEA application forms to by:

10am on Monday 5th March 201

Please note that you must supply newly completed forms for renewal applications by the dates above. At this stage, we are accepting the 2017 ACCEA application forms as changes to the 2018 form are expected to be minimal.  Please specifically outline your contribution to BAHNO and Head & Neck Oncology. We encourage you to apply to both your Specialist Association and the Royal Colleges for a place on their ranking list. If you wish for both organisations to consider your application, you must send your CVQ to both organisations as we do not exchange CVQ information.



The BAHNO nomination process

Applications for BAHNO support will be considered by a group comprised of the President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Conference Secretary, another member of council, and a lay person. Citations will be written for those individuals whose names are put forward. Citators will be chosen by the ranking panel but will not necessarily be restricted to members of the panel. (Please note that no citations can be written by BAHNO for consultants who are not included on the ranked list)

You are reminded that even if you submit a nomination for consideration by BAHNO it remains your responsibility to ensure that all components of your application are submitted to the ACCEA within the deadlines. BAHNO will only submit citations to ACCEA and will not forward your CVQ. If you do not register with ACCEA we cannot submit a citation for you and you will not be on the ranked list.