Head and Neck Database – HANA

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BAHNO – HANA report April 2016

  1. Aims
  • Improve accuracy of reports

– Involve clinicians from all specialties at the MDT in reporting to the dataset on their area of expertise

  • Improve relevance of data
  • Increase clinical outcome fields
  • Evaluate performance of all specialties at MDT, not just surgeons because H&N Cancer management is truly multidisciplinary
  • Ensure institution support for H&N cancer meets nationally agreed standards
  • Ensure technology aids clinician data entry and retrieval
  • Flexibility allowing different data entry systems e.g apps on tablets
  • Allow data entry in real time at patient pathway point e.g. operation
  • Allow data retrieval for checking, appraisal, research etc 24/7
  • Generate clinic letters and discharge summaries from data entry
  • Allow clinicians access to whole pt record as “read only” at clinic follow up


  1. History
  • HSCIC contract to run DAHNO expired October 2014
  • Richard Wight and Graham Puttnam will complete DAHNO’s last report for 2013/4 in October 2015
  • Previous DAHNO improved year-on-year but had several organizational flaws mainly related to technology contract holder HSCIC and a lack of flexibility and user friendliness. Also, historically, DAHNO focused on Process and Management.
  • NHS England have just agreed to fund our new dataset called HANA (Head and Neck Audit) starting November 2015
  • Somerset, Infoflex and others all still able to record DAHNO data at MDT – But currently have nowhere to send 2014/5 data. This will be resolved from October this year when HANA takes over.
  • BAHNO has partnered The National Facial Oral and Oculoplastic Research Centre (NFORC) for clinical and data management and Dendrite for technology. This is analogous to other successful audits like oesophago-gastric where the national society partners the RCS England for clinical oversight and data management and a separate technology company.
  • BAHNO will continuously be at the heart of the new HANA audit. One of the roles of the BAHNO President, in rotation, will be to lead the audit and chair its steering committee to ensure BAHNO is at the heart of decision-making
  • For the 1st year IH will co-ordinate all development and build strong relations with all MDTs with the help of a new steering committee made up of all the specialties


  1. Timelines
  • May to September 2015 – finalise all audit fields in discussion with stakeholders
  • May to September 2015 – NFORC and Dendrite to meet every MDT (plus IT lead and Caldicott Guardian) to discuss options available for data entry, e.g. IPAD app in real time, or entry onto Somerset, Infoflex etc.
  • September 2015 – Delivery of Dataset to Somerset, Infoflex etc to modify the DAHNO to HANA for delivery to all MDTs on their platform by April 2016
  • October 2015 to March 2016 – Depending on individual clinicians’ and MDTs’ wishes they enter onto old DAHNO at their local MDTs or onto HANA via Dendrite’s web portal until Somerset, Infoflex are up-to-speed.
  • April 2016 onwards – Now Somerset, Infoflex etc have HANA on their system all can enter data on this
  • NFORC and Dendrite will scoop up data from 2014.5 and produce 2014/5 report and Consultant outcomes for 2013/4 and 2014/5 in addition to reporting on the first HANA audit 2015/6
  • First HANA annual data collection complete October 2016 and report 2017