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National Survey of all Professionals involved in the care of patients with Head & Neck Cancer – role and value of Multi-Professional Clinics – 5-10 minutes of your time please!

The role and function of Multi-disciplinary meetings are currently in discussion (publications pending from CRUK and NHS England).

We anticipate that multi-professional clinics may also come under scrutiny, particularly as they are costly for the NHS with limited evidence to support their utility.

However, systems that streamline patient pathways should be prioritised in a resource-limited health service. We feel that there are benefits to joint working but also potential disadvantages for patients, health care professionals and the NHS.

This survey will provide a picture of the perceived value of multi-professional clinics and indicate possible routes for improvement across the UK. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Please forward this link onto your team, including trainees. It is also being distributed via national AHP groups.

Thank you very much for your time. If you have any questions or comments please contact


New survey launched to map nutritional assessment and advice for cancer patients

The Cancer and Nutrition NIHR infrastructure collaboration is launching a survey to map how nutritional status is assessed and what nutritional advice is given to cancer patients across the UK. The survey is aimed at dietitians, nurses, oncologists and surgeons working with cancer patients, and we would like to ask members of BAHNO to take 10-15 minutes to do so.

Cancer now represents the major cause of mortality in the UK, and nutritional factors play an important role in the prevention, development and treatment of cancer. While the UK has internationally competitive research in both nutrition and cancer, there is only a relatively small amount on the overlap between the two areas.

In early 2014, Professor Alan Jackson and his team at the NIHR Southampton BRC together with the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) and supported by NOCRI, recognised the need to bring coherence to existing activities in the area of cancer and nutrition and provide a coordinated framework for future research in cancer and nutrition.

The activities of the infrastructure collaboration are divided into five work streams. This survey is a joint piece of work for the ‘Toolkit’ and ‘Professionals’ work streams. The aim of the Toolkit work stream is to develop a quality-assured framework for characterising nutritional status in cancer patients: ‘the Toolkit’. The Professionals work stream aims to maximise the capacity of the professional workforce by creating quality-assured standards of practice, developing training programmes and creating a community of practice for sharing knowledge. The survey is the next step in enabling the development of the framework and in identifying workforce needs.

The survey is now live and can be completed here:

The more people that respond, the more reliable it will be – please share with your colleagues! Survey results will become available on the website in due course:

SURVEY:  Daisy Elliott, Speech and Language Therapist – MSc project with City University, London

Research aims to investigate the opinions and experiences of the multidisciplinary team treating patients with head and neck cancer.

Explore the perceived advantages and disadvantages of using nasogastric feeding in the community.

The research is conduced via an online questionnaire which should take 15-20 minutes to complete, and is aimed at members of the head and neck cancer team who are currently working within a cancer center.

Download the “participant information sheet” which provides further detail on the study. Please read this prior to completing the study.

Participant information form




SURVEY:    University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff   (Cellan Thomas)

Co-ordinator – Amanda Laughlin  

Collection of data to analyse current antibiotic usage within the specialty with the aim of developing a protocol for antibioticl use in free tissue transfer surgery.


Current Management of Hypopharyngeal Cancer –   European Perspective

Patrick J Bradley, MBA FRCS Emeritus Honorary Professor of Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery,  The University of Nottingham,  United Kingdom.

Professor Rene Leemans,    President of the European Head and Neck Society has encouraged this survey  on the current management of hypopharyngeal cancer within Europe,  based on a short questionnaire using five case scenarios.

 Below is the link to     Surveymonkey –

 Link     to the Survey

Each scenario aims to  identify a different clinical situation hence the need for five case   histories.  The questionnaire has been pilot, with constructive  comments and I hope that any confusion perceived will not hinder your  ability to respond! If so then please contact me at this address: !

The questionnaire should     take about 10 minutes and I would suggest that you read the    complete survey questions before you start answering!  On completion there is a series of statements asked to be ranked, but would  encourage additional comments to be added in the space provided!   

DATA COLLECTION CLOSES on Sunday 22nd  March 2015!

Cancer Research UK, the University of Birmingham and ICF International carried out a study exploring the impact of the health reforms on cancer services in England. This is a follow up to an earlier study carried out in 2012, the report from which can be found at

The results of the survey   can be found at

The Mouth Cancer foundation (MCF) short patient survey

The Mouth Cancer foundation (MCF) has organised a short patient survey on on xerostomia and Xerotin which is a new artificial saliva now available within the UK. This survey is a joint collaborative project between the Mouth Cancer Foundation and SpePharm UK Ltd. There is more information at

It is part of our effort to make available samples of new products for trial and evaluation by head and neck cancer patients, who often suffer a dry mouth as a side effect of their cancer treatment. For every questionnaire completed and returned, the Mouth Cancer Foundation willl receive a donation of £5.00 to the Mouth Cancer Foundation from SpePharm UK Ltd.

Please assist by completing the questionnaire.


Call for participation in the survey of current practice of the management of the unknown primary cancer amongst UK Clinical Oncologists & Head and Neck Surgeons

This is a survey being carried out be Dr Alice Dewdney, Clinical Oncology Registrar/ICR Institute Cancer Research

Please download the survey here and return via email to