Travel & Research Grants

BAHNO Research Grant  2018

Research grants are awarded by BAHNO to fund research proposals that are judged by the BAHNO adjudication panel to show promise and to substantially contribute to the body of knowledge in head and neck or thyroid cancer and its management.


BAHNO will make available research bursaries that will typically be between £1000 – £2000. In exceptional circumstances, a maximum award of £4,000 may be given. The amount awarded will be determined by the requirements of the research proposed and at the discretion of the BAHNO adjudicators.


The grants are open to BAHNO members only. The research must be of relevance to head and neck oncology.  Those applying must be employed in the UK.

Where the applicant is a trainee support from the trainers (or the supervisor and trainers) and the clinical director must be obtained. A study should have ethical and R and D approval in the Trust (s) where the research is to be conducted l before any grant is given.


An outline proposal of no more than 2 single-sided A4 pages (font no less than size 11 Times New Roman) under the following headings:

Background (no more than 500 words)

Objectives of the research
Methodology and design
Place where research will take place
List of co-investigators and supervisors
Detailed breakdown of total costs
Amount requested from BAHNO and how it will be spent,
Time frame of research – should be a limited time eg 1-2 years for a research grant
Likely outputs from research proposal eg peer reviewed publications, presentations, etc
Evidence of acceptance for a post-graduate degree if requesting support for that.

A CV of the applicant should be enclosed with the proposal.

Applicants must  be members of the Association before submitting their grant applications.

Successful applicants must demonstrate that they have secured the whole funding package before the funding is released.

Grant awardees must also provide an annual written report of the progress of the research projects, including any scientific outputs or presentations, and one on completion.

Grant awardees must produce a final report with results within 6 months of the expected end of the project, as stated on their application, otherwise they may be requested to return the funds to BAHNO.  The final report may be published on the BAHNO website. The awardee may also be required to present their work, either, as a poster or oral presentation at the annual scientific meeting in the year following completion.

The funds will be paid to a University or Trust, not to an individual (50% to start and 50% on completion).  Any award or part of award not spent 6 months after the end date of award as stated on the grant application must be returned to BAHNO.

Grant awardees must also acknowledge BAHNO in all the presentations and academic publications or outputs related to the project using the following phrase: ‘This research project was supported by a grant from the British Association of Head and Neck Oncologists’.

Review process:

The submissions will be assessed by a committee of at least three peer reviewers, who are members of the Research Committee or appointed by them. The peer reviewers will score the applications according to the following aspects:

1. The Idea: is the idea original, is it a clinically or scientifically important question?

2. Aims and Objectives of the research: are the important aims and objectives important and relevant?

3. Methodology and design: is the design and methodology appropriate for achieving objectives in the time stated: is there evidence (e.g. track record) that all techniques can be performed at the host institution or collaborating centres?

4. Outcome measures: are the outcome measures chosen appropriate to the objectives?

5. Sample size:  has power calculation been performed to determine appropriate sample size to detect differences?

6. Time frame: needs to be completed with in 1-2 years at most, is it achievable with in that time frame?

7. Co-investigators and supervisors and place of carrying out of research: do applicant and co-investigators have the skills and infrastructure to carry out research successfully and on time?

8. Costs: is the amount requested enough to complete the project and realistic, does it represent value for money, does the applicant have the rest of the funds required to complete the project ?

9. Clarity of writing of proposal – is the proposal clearly written and easy to follow

At its discretion, the Committee may provide comments and feedback to the applicant.

Submission Deadline
1st December annually

Decision Notification date: usually 3 months after deadline. Results will be formally announced at the Annual Scientific Meeting in April.

Submission to be sent to BAHNO secretariat with the completed attached form, and proposal. Submissions must be by email to the following address:

If you do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 2 weeks, please contact the secretariat again.

Downloadable application form:    BAHNO Research Grant Application Form 2014

BAHNO Travelling Scholarship

Update for 2018: Three awards made this year.  The recipients are:

John Collin – visiting the University of Florida

Oliver Dale–  visiting The Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia

Adam Shakir – visiting The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia


BAHNO offers a Travelling Scholarship to help fund a visit for training experience for trainee members of BAHNO, who are enrolled in a recognised UK specialist training programme. Visits may be to an institution in the UK or abroad. The amount awarded for each Scholarship will be determined solely by Council, and will be no more than £1000.

An application can be submitted at any time before the 1st December each year. This will be acknowledged and is considered by Council at their February/March meeting. The result is announced at the AGM in May.

A condition of the award is that the Travelling Scholar should produce a short written report of their visit for Council, and a brief verbal report at the AGM if requested.

The application process requires the following to be sent to the Secretariat Administrator at the address below:

  • Completed Application form
  • C.V.
  • Outline of visit with intended purpose – a maximum of 2 sides A4 (minimum font size 11 arial)
  • Confirmatory letter from institution(s) to be visited
  • Letter of support from Lead Trainer or Training Programme Director

Download the application form BAHNO TRAVEL GRANT (new)

Then please send to:

BAHNO Secretariat:
Ms Laura Manning
PO Box 9238
Sturminster Newton
DT10 9BR

Tele: 01730 813700