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News Archive – June 2019

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ASCO 2019: Immunotherapy better than aggressive chemotherapy as first treatment option for recurrent head and neck cancer

Posted 05 Jun 2019

Media release: The Institute of Cancer Research, London

Immunotherapy used with chemotherapy or on its own is a better first-line treatment for people with head and neck cancer that has returned than standard aggressive chemotherapy, new clinical trial results show. At diagnosis, people with head and... Read more

The Waterside Ape - an alternative account of human evolution

Posted 03 Jun 2019

New book available by Mr Peter Rhys Evans

  Have you ever wondered why humans have such an affinity for water and the sea, unlike any other primate? Why some people have dark skin and others have paler skin? Why we lost our fur and are the only Naked Ape? Why, out of over 4,000 land... Read more