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Council Members

An elected Council conducts the business of the Association.

Officers of the Association

President: Professor Hisham Mehanna

Past President: Mr Mike Fardy

Honorary Administrative Secretary: Professor Peter Brennan

Honorary Treasurer: Mr Cyrus Kerawala

Honorary Conference Secretary: Mr Ceri Hughes


Elected Members

OMFS representatives                 

Mr Sat Parmar
Mr James McCaul


ENT representatives                     

Professor Vinidh Paleri
Professor Jarrod Homer


Plastic surgery representatives

Mr Sinclair Gore
Mr Omar Ahmed


Oncology representatives          

Dr Bernadette Foran
Professor Christopher Nutting


Pathology representative           

Dr Adam Jones


Associate Members’ representative

Mr Jason Fleming


Co-opted members – AHP/BAHNON

Dr Joanne Patterson, Ms Rachael Donnelly / Ms Sarah Orr